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General Travel Tips

Below are some useful tips for travelers. Please call us at 301-218-4228 if you have any questions.

Travelers will be escorted /accompanied by us on all our tours. While each country may have specific laws and requirements, there is basic information that is applicable during any international relocation. Listed below are some practical information, including health and safety tips,travel tips image advice and resources before you travel.


You will need a visa for most countries in West Africa, with a passport valid for at least 6 months longer than your visit. Contact the embassy of the country you plan on visting in your country or a passport-services company. Please allow ample time to process and receive these items.


Make sure your immunizations are current. A yellow fever vaccination will be required to obtain your visa. A Hepatitis A inoculation, while not compulsory, is always a good idea when traveling in developing countries. Contact your local public health department, your physician or local travel clinic. 


Also, an anti-malarial medication is strongly recommended for use as a preventive measure. Check the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for government requirements.

Tips you can use

Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, we want to to make sure you have all the information needed so you will have a worry-free time away from home.These are just some practical tips you can use when travelling to the Motherland.

Small backpack to store water/cameras/other necessities when on walking excursions; sunscreen and mosquito repellant; lip balm; hat and sunglasses; adapter/converter/extra batteries for your electronics; small flashlight; detergent; plastic Ziploc bags; money belt and your medicines. Please check airlines for their requirements and limitations.

Foreign exchange facilities can be found at the airport and most banks. Most will accept most international bank and credit cards. Travelers checks are also recommended. Check the financials for foreign exchange rates before you travel. Bring enough currency to cover your expenses including tipping.

Loose, comfortable, lightweight clothes with coverage for protection against both mosquitoes and sunburn, good walking shoes, and a light sweater for evenings if traveling to the Sahara in the winter. Hats, visors and sunglasses are welcomed.

Water: Tap water is not generally quite safe to consume. It is advisable to purchase bottled water. Some hotels and tours will also provide bottled water.

Electricity: 220/230V AC at 50HZ. It is a good idea to bring International converters. Check with hotels before leaving to see which type is permissible.



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